About Me

Hi! My name is Karen.  Thanks for stopping by.

I’m a mom that grew up in a south suburb of Chicago.  This is where I ramble about whatever strikes my fancy.

Mostly it’s a place for me to share with you some recipes.

I went to college in Chicago, with  a short stay in New Mexico, and have a degree that I don’t really use.  I actually went to school to work in radio.  I even interned at a major radio in Chicago.  I loved every minute of it.  But it turns out I also loved to buy things and eat too.

I’m married to someone with Type 1 diabetes.

Meeshie is our only child.  We call her Meeshie because she looked like a mouse to us when she was born.  Meeshie is a variation of mouse in Polish.

Questions?  Contact me at meeshiesmom@sbcglobal.net


  1. Hey Karen!

    As one the first three people who have tried a ShawnsPlate.com recipe and given feedback, you’ve been chosen for our first giveaway!

    Drum Roll…..
    You’ve won a Home Fresh Home product, Disposal Fresh. It is an all natural fizz action garbage disposal cleanser and drain freshener. It comes in 3 scents; Lemongrass Mint, Lavender & Pine, and Wildflower. We also have “Pure”, our fragrance free product.

    Please let me know your choice of product and mailing instructions for you.


  2. sorry…my email address is shawn@shawnsplate.com

  3. You’re such talented cooks karen…..
    keep sharing and inspiring then!

  4. Hi Karen! I hope you and your family are well. Just checking in to see how the new year is going for you.


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