February 24, 2010

Let me start by saying I love music and as I’ve been going through old pictures I stumbled across old ticket stubs. Hundreds of old ticket stubs.

I’ve been to a ton of concerts and that’s before I even interned at the radio station which is a post for another day.
Angel and I and my older brother saw Bruce Springsteen the summer of his Born in the USA tour. General Admission. Soldier Field.
First of all neither one of us had our driver’s license yet. I know that I didn’t because I waited until the day before my permit expired to get mine. So we needed a ride to the concert and we asked my brother. We told him that we would get him a ticket if he took us.
We then had to pick up our tickets. Angel’s mom had gotten them for us through someone she knew from work. Unfortunately we had to go the Le Claire Court complex to get them. It’s one of the city of Chicago’s housing projects. If you’re not familiar with it is near Cicero Avenue and the Stevenson (I-55). We went during the day which was a plus, but it was August which was not. Thankfully my brother is 4 years older than me, although I remember he wasn’t too happy with us. 
Now, Bruce is known for his long concerts. He loves to just get on stage and entertain. And sing. And sing. We get to Soldier Field and about 20 minutes into the concert Angel and I have to go to the bathroom. Did I mention that it was a general admission show? And a sea of people? Born in the USA tour? Needless to say we never saw my brother again until we met up with him at the car 3 ½ hours later.
We ran into to some friends we knew from school, but the arena was packed. This was a time before cell phones. But basically it was just two young 16 year-old girls having the time of their lives at a Bruce Springsteen concert.
Bruce came back to town last year and my husband offered to get tickets to celebrate my 40th. I told him no.
How do you beat an experience like that?

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  1. Not a huge Bruce fan, sorry.

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