My Favorite Zoo

June 2, 2010

We went to the Lincoln Park Zoo over the holiday weekend.  I love that zoo.  I love that it’s on the lakefront.  I love that it’s large enough to house some great attractions and small enough to cover in a few hours.  I love the farm at the zoo.  I love the new gorilla/monkey house.  I’ve even started to love the parking.  I say that because back in the day you didn’t have to pay to park at the zoo, so everything was free.

Look at that lion just sunning herself.

Love how the tiger is getting into the Stanley Cup rivalry.

I have always loved the polar bear exhibit at the Lincoln Park Zoo.  You can see it from this window below or above.

Hey Mr. Ostrich, how’s it going?

While we were at the zoo we had the most amazing snack.  It was popcorn with Frank’s Red Hot sauce.  I’d never seen that before, but then I’ll admit I don’t get out that much either.  Is it bad that the highlight of my weekend was going to the zoo and discovering popcorn with red hot sauce?  Anyway it was awesome.  The hot with the salty.  We can’t wait to make it at home.

Since we also don’t get in the city very often, we also decided that while we were at the zoo we would go to The Wiener Circle.  Love their hot dogs!  My husband who LOVES hot dogs had never had one there until I met him.  I converted him.  He agrees that The Wiener Circle is all that.  The chardog with the grilled onions rock!  The fries are huge too.  Of course parking is a pain.  I’m not sure if that is still considered Lincoln Park, but anything along Clark Street is always a challenge in terms of parking. 

Meeshie, of course, was happy because she was at the zoo and had lunch.  Sometimes she is so low maintenance!

It was a lovely day in Chicago except when my husband missed the exit while on the Dan Ryan and we ended up on the skyway, but that’s a story for another day.



  1. If you want to try some more very interesting popcorn tastes try truffle salt on your popcorn! To die for…. I first had this at a couples cooking class my husband and I took in Chicago. I bought the salt there, it was expensive there, and I have since found it cheaper on the internet. You don’t need much, but the taste is so different and good.
    The truffle salt is awesome on veggies too!

    • I’ve never heard of truffle salt. You’ve got my interest! I’ve got to start looking for this. Thanks!

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