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February 22, 2010

I got a call this week that was unexpected. It made me cry.

My best friend called to let me know that she was moving. Out of state.  She’s moving because she has a job offer. Wisconsin isn’t that far away but it certainly isn’t a few minutes away either.

I’ve known Angel since 1st grade and we’ve been best friends since our freshman year of high school. That’s 35 years. We’ve always joked that we’ve been friends longer than most people have been married. One of our friends dubbed us Kangel because where one was you could always find the other.

We’ve been through a lot. She is my other sister. She was there for me when my dad died.  She was my matron of honor when I got married. She let me cry on her shoulder while we tried for years to have a baby. Once Meeshie was born, she let me cry some more when we tried for 2 1/2 years using a fertility specialist, without success. We went away to school together in New Mexico. We went on vacation together to California. We’ve been to Daytona Beach together a ton of times. 

We are Thelma and Louise.  In the next few weeks I plan to post about some of our adventures. 

She is my biggest cheerleader.

I don’t see her everyday like when we were kids, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love her any less.

Our lives maybe be busier now and there are more obligations but I’ve always known that if needed we could get together in no time.

My husband said I know your sad, but Wisconsin isn’t that far, you can visit.

We met today for a few hours to talk.  It was the last time before she moves.  She has a lot of things to due in the next week or two.  We’ve already planned a tentative girls weekend when things are settled.

I cried a lot today.
I miss you Angel, good luck! Love you!  I’m proud of you!
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