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Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2011




The Beans

September 24, 2011

Meeshie had a half day of school yesterday.  And by half day I mean that she was done by 10:30 am.  I guess that’s the beauty of a 7:30 am start.

At the end of the school year in June, she asked if we could go down to the bean.  Every trip that takes us into the city of Chicago, seems to circumvent the bean.

Do you know what the bean is?  Its a metal sculpture in Millenium Park.  I believe it’s actually called the cloud, but being Chicagoans, we’ve christened it the bean, for obvious reasons.  Chicagoans are nothing if not efficient.

I don’t think I’ve ever shared, but my husband calls our daughter Bean.  Sometimes he calls her Bean Machine, or Babba Bean.  I’m not sure why he calls her that.  And for the longest time we never called her by her actual name, it was either Meeshie or Bean.  So we’ve always wanted to take the Bean to the bean.

My two favorite people.

Do you see the bride?

Here she is underneath.

Here’s a picture of me in the reflection.A view of the city.


Meeshie’s Birthday

July 24, 2011

Yesterday was Meeshie’s Birthday.

This year Meeshie wanted beach themed party, but since it was too close to the Hawaiian theme two years ago, I decided to do something radical.  Radical for me, at least, because we had a “no theme” theme.  I love to plan a party.  It’s what I do.  It’s what I’m good at.  We’ve had a Hawaiian theme which included Hawaiian postcard invites and a volcano cake.  We’ve had a karaoke birthday which included a concert ticket invite and piano cake.  We’ve had a princess theme which included princess flip-flops.  So this year it was pizza, some snacks and a beach cupcake.

The cupcakes can be whatever you like.  I’ll share a recipe later this week, but for now just enjoy this kitschy little thing.  The surf boards are fruit striped gum, the beach ball is a gum ball, and the sand is graham cracker crumbs.  I actually carved out the center of the cupcake and put some of the frosting inside, as well as put a small amount of frosting on the cupcake so that the gel and graham crackers would stick.

My little girl is now 9.  She’s worried about starting a new school this year.  She’s worried about having friends.  She’s worried about 4th grade.  I wish she was more worried about mastering how to ride a bike, or keeping her room clean.

I’ve heard my mom refer to Meeshie as my miracle baby.  Unless you think that struggling to have a baby is a miracle, than she is.  I don’t.  While we struggled for years to have a baby, I discovered that we weren’t alone.  Not by a long shot.  There are tons of people who struggle everyday to have children and some are never as fortunate as we are.  We struggled for three years to get pregnant and then on the day that we moved into our new home, we found out that we were finally going to get our wish.   And when we struggled for another three years after she was born to add to our family, we finally decided that we would just be happy with our one and only.  I have friends that are blessed with a child with special needs.  I have friends that were fortunate enough to enjoy their baby for almost a year before God called her home.  Those are miracle babies.


The Best Mother’s Day

May 8, 2011

I had the best Mother’s Day.  I can easily say that and it isn’t even noon.

First, I slept late.  I woke at 5, which is sleeping in to me.  Second, I had breakfast  in bed.  It wasn’t french toast or pancakes, but it was Captain Crunch Berry with dried cherries and powdered sugar, which if you’re eight is the breakfast of champions.  By the way, breakfast in bed still counts, even if you have to request it!

Usually I take my mom and Meeshie to get a pedicure on Mother’s Day weekend, but I took care of that last week.  So, I can’t blame it on the pedicure.

I can’t even say it was the best because of the picnic, or the fact that Meeshie and my husband haven’t argued.

It’s the best day because my brother called to wish my a happy Mother’s day.  Thanks David, I hope you have a great day too.

I hope your Mother’s Day is just as good!


A Brush With Greatness

April 28, 2011

Meeshie is off this week for her spring break.  The weather, of course, has been less than stellar so we went to the museum yesterday.  It was the Chicago History Museum, one of my favorites.  They have relics from the Chicago Fire, information about the Columbian Expedition, examples of Chicago’s architecture and a wing dedicated to Lincoln.

My husband was unable to join us, so I picked up my mother.  We were on the road by 10:00 am.  I figured that I would be beating the rush hour traffic by that time.  Not so.  The expressway into the city was horrible.  I’m talking bumper to bumper.  At one point we just sat in our car for 10 minutes not moving.  It was bad and there was no accident in sight.  I tried to exit the expressway to get on another one-I was on the Stevenson heading north and wanted to get on the Kennedy heading west.  No go.  I decided to stay on the Stevenson and discovered that the ramp for the Kennedy was closed.  As we sat in traffic we saw that the Stevenson heading south was empty.

And then we saw the motorcade.  The President was in town yesterday to be on Oprah.  His entourage was amazing.  There had to be at least 40 cars and that didn’t include the police escort.  Since Megs Field was bulldozed a number of years ago, the President landed his helicopters in the parking lot next to McCormick Place.

We came into to the city to experience some history and we witnessed some as well.  Regardless of how you feel about our current President, it was cool to not only see the motorcade but the huge helicopters, and there were three of them, sitting in the parking lot right next to the lake.

The trip to the museum was great.  Meeshie really enjoyed it.  The Chicago History Museum is one of my favorites and it’s a hidden gem.  The museum is near the Lincoln Park Zoo and if the weather would have cooperated, we could have taken a walk along the lake front.  But its been raining here for what seems like forever.

I really wanted to go to Chinatown for lunch, but Meeshie wasn’t feeling it.  So we opted for something entirely different.  Ed Debevic’s.  It’s a place I frequented quite a bit in my youth.  It hasn’t really changed in 20 some years and Meeshie loved it.  Of course what 8-year-old doesn’t like diner food served with a ton of sass?


The Little Things

April 12, 2011

We are enjoying a brief burst of nice weather around here.  It was in the 80’s this past weekend so I took advantage of the day. 

You know fun stuff like prepping the yard and pulling grass.  Why does grass always grow where I don’t want it to?  We also de-frosted the freezer in our garage.  Perfect day for that.  The mounds of ice melted in no time and now everything is ready for summer.

I had planned to bake a few things over the weekend but never really got there.  I made muffins and banana bread, but that’s it.  I plan to make a wonderful dish with the banana bread for Easter that I hope to share soon.

And last night, Meeshie got to join her Girl Scout troop at the village hall.  They led the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.  I’d like to say I took tons of pictures of the girls, but I didn’t.  I did take pictures but, I brought the wrong lens so none of them were in focus.  That happens sometimes and I’m hoping some other parent got some great group shots.  Meeshie has met the mayor before, played soccer with his step-daughter, and his wife is the principal for her school next year.  Ah the glory of small towns!

I hope you’re enjoying some good weather!  Come on Spring!


Happy Halloween

October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween


Strawberry Explosion

September 15, 2010

Meeshie loves Strawberry Quick.

She sometimes has it with her breakfast. 

This morning I cam into the kitchen about 5 minutes before we needed to leave to discover Strawberry Quick had exploded all over the floor.  Literally all over my kitchen floor.  In some spots it was in 1/4 inch mounds.  My feet were more than sticking to the floor.  They were shellacked there.

Meeshie had tried to clean up what had spilt on the floor by using up all the paper towels in the kitchen and wetting everyone of them.  Instead of vacuuming up the mess,  she was able to make a pink gluelike substance and spread it all over the kitchen.

I almost started to cry.  Any mom that has to get out the door to be somewhere by a certain time every morning knows that you’ve got your departure timed down to a science and any deviation from that is a catastrophe.

I have a nice size kitchen.  It’s one of the reasons why I love this house so much.  The floor in the kitchen is hardwood.

I don’t own a mop.  I feel the only efficient way to clean a floor is on hands and knees. 

Vader wasn’t interested in licking the floor.  It was probably too much work for him.

I couldn’t leave the mess the way it was all day.  I could get ants.  Plus I just couldn’t leave that mess.

I cleaned the floor as best as I could.

Mom, where are your pants?

We left the house and the floor was still sticky.  But at least it had been downsized to sticky.

I just finished cleaning the floor again when I got home.

I miss the toddler stage.



September 7, 2010

I learned several years ago not to argue with a strong-willed child.

Especially a child as strong-willed as me.

About somethings that is.

This is what Meeshie wore to school one day last week.

No need to adjust your screen.  That’s a purple hat, red Christmas dress, white puffy vest and she even has blue shoes on.  She’s like a walking rainbow.  She even has a necklace on.  Very hip.

She is always calling herself a fashionista.

She loves to tell me that I don’t know fashion.

She really thinks this outfit rocks. 

As long as she’s under the dress code, I don’t stress out over it.

It becomes a big argument and I just don’t have time for that in the morning.

I do have a job to get to after all.

She’s worn this dress to mass.  In October.  We go to the first mass on Sunday and the smiles this dress brings to so many people makes me happy.


Community Night

August 21, 2010

Meeshie preformed during the local high school’s community night last night. 

The high school introduced all the school sports clubs along with the band.

There was a pom pom dance clinic. 

At the end of the clinic they girls performed on the football field before a scrimmage game.

She could not have been  more excited.  And the girls on the squad could not have been sweeter.

We’ll be signing her up for the clinic again next year and she is seriously thinking about joining the pom squad when she gets to high school.

I do need to point out that as an only, she has much more ambition and fearlessness that I ever did at her age.  She wanted to do the clinic and I signed her up.  No big deal, except none of her friends were doing it. 

She’s like that.  She has no problem just jumping into something that she wants to do without any worry about what others will think. 

I love that about her.

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