Happy Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2010

About a month ago, Meeshie asked me what we were going to make for her Valentine’s Day party at school. The question took me by surprise. I had never made a treat for her party in the past. I wanted to make something fun, but what to make? Cupcakes are nice, but are they fun? Brownies, dido.
I’ve seen these cake pops on Bakerella’s website but I was a little intimidated. Sometimes her posts are too elaborate for a working mom and a 7 year old to do.  But I decided to do them anyway and boy was I happy!
They were fairly easy to make, although there a few steps involved. I just spaced each step out that way I wasn’t stressed. I was also fortunate enough to know someone who had made them before herself and she gave me a few great tips. Most notably the tip on the icing. I used a different icing than Bakerella suggested because my friend told me the cake pops tasted too much like cake batter otherwise. I also didn’t use all of the icing that I made, just enough to form some nice moist balls.
I found that if you kept the pops as cold as possible before you dipped them in the melted chocolate they came out looking smoother. I also used a deep bowl for dipping which was a hint from Bakerella.
We made white ones for the boys and pink ones for the girls, because boys don’t like pink mom.
Meeshie loved them and could not wait to bring them to school. I tied pretty red raffia around the bag for the suckers. Very cute.
One more thing, my hubby had one the morning of the party. His blood sugar was low and he came stumbling looking for sugar fast. I gave him the pop and he later told me that they were one of the best things I’ve ever made.


  1. Karen, those turned out so cute! I love the heart sprinkles. I'm sure they tasted as great as they look. Melanie Manning

  2. yummy! did mark save one for me 🙂 Marie

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