To Market

March 28, 2010

Spring has me thinking of the town’s farmers market. They started it last year and they try to keep the vendors local.

There is a cheese vendor that has the most amazing brie layered with apricot and slivered almonds. It looks like a cake. I plan to recreate it one of these days.  He also has a great cheese that is made with some red wine.  It gives the cheese a crunchy sweet flavor.  Sorry I can’t remember the name of the cheese.  I do know it was also amazing.  Oh and he gives out samples!

The  market is where I discovered iced-tea lemonade. I’m not a fan of iced-tea unless Angel makes her sun sweet tea but the combination of the iced-tea with the lemonade rocks. I’m addicted.

I bought my basil and oregano plants that grew taller than Meeshie.

Oh and the fruit and veggies!  They are just so good.

I was thinking that this would be a good place for the local mushroom farmer to sell his product. Although when we do go to his farm up the road I always get a very Deliverance vibe. I can honestly say that I will not go there alone. That’s saying a lot.

I’ve been through Cabrini Green at night. I’ve parked in the underground parking at Grant Park for an entire semester for a night class in college. Those two places are not for the faint of heart. Yet they don’t hold a candle the mushroom farm.

Even though I can get a large amount of mushrooms for a song and they last forever, I still won’t go alone. I can hear the dueling banjos when we pull up the long driveway. 

Squeel like a pig!

Maybe he should stay away from the market.


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