How’s your Keaster this fine Easter?

April 3, 2010

I’ve been working petty hard the last few days getting ready for Easter.  I’m having brunch.  I love brunch it has everything good about lunch and breakfast. 






Cake pops.

Lamb cake.

Look at these!


 Meeshie decorated these.

Look at her go!


Oh and these.  She did a good job.  I used the empires recipe.  I just used the frosting left over from the lamb cake.

I even made these.  I saw this post and it reminded me of the raisin bread my mom used to make at Easter when I was a girl.  I made them on Good Friday and forgot that I had given up bread for lent.  I’m dreaming about these puppies and can’t wait until Sunday.

I’m making a few more things like kugala and something called Indian Bread pudding.  I’ll be posting about those later.  I need to get back to coloring eggs, cleaning, and ham.

I’m making a spiral ham that I cook in vodka that has pineapple fermenting in it.  I started the process back in October.  Just take some pineapple rings and put them in a jar (I actually have well glasses that come with lids that are perfect for many things, this being one of them) and fill the jar with vodka.  I use just canned pineapple rings that are drained.  Stick it in the back of the fridge and forget about it.  Then when you make your ham, put the pineapple on the ham and pour the vodka on top.  No need to make a glaze.  Cook the ham according to the directions and enjoy.  The alcohol will cook off and all you have is this yummy tasting ham. No glaze is needed. 

Happy Easter!


  1. I wonder where you got the idea for the vodka for your ham? Good idea.

  2. Tell meeshies she done a great job on the cookies…

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