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My Yard

March 18, 2012

It’s been unseasonably mild around here this past week and it doesn’t seem to be letting up for at least another week.  I’m talking 80 degree days.  I’m not complaining, especially since we normally still have snow on the ground this time of year.  I’m just concerned about all of my plants.  I know that the weather is going to readjust itself and then these beauties will be damaged.

This great weather is preventing the rabbits from killing my tulips.  Usually they grow at just the right rate for the rabbits to enjoy them and for me to shake my head in disgust.

My daffodils always bloom, but that’s because they are member of the onion family and the rabbits won’t touch them.

My hyacinth’s are spotty.  Sometimes they come up and sometimes they don’t.

I need to get out there and prune my rose bushes, but they too have tons of buds on them already.  My hydrangea has some green on it too.  I even saw some of my windflowers coming up!  Now if I only lived in a climate where I could plant and enjoy my favorite flower, the calla lily, I’d be set.

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