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Wind Flowers

June 20, 2010

I planted these wind flowers in March.  Then I planted some begonias.  Then we had a frost or two, or three times.  Both flowers are not hardy in this climate until after the last frost.  Parts of March were so mild that I was anxious to plant, so I did.  Then I sweated that decision every time it dipped down to 30.  The wind flowers and the begonias both need to be dug up in the fall and stored  for the winter. 

They are called wind flowers because they are bout 6 inches tall and sway in the wind.  We have plenty of wind out here being surrounded by farms.  They bloom continually all summer,  and I really love the colors.

They last well in a vase for up to 10 days, but they are a thirsty little flower.

They smell fresh.

Now I’m waiting for the begonias to bloom and my balloon flowers.  But I’m having issues with the balloon flowers.  That issue is rabbits and that is post for another day.

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