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August 7, 2011

I went on a date last night.   My husband and I went and saw Cheap Trick.

Cheap Trick always take me back to the summer vacation when  my dad took us camping through the west,  Colorado, the Dakotas, Montana and Yellowstone  Park.  Sitting in the back of the station wagon listening to “I want you to want me”, singing along and asking my dad to  turn up the song every time it played on the radio.  Ah, to enjoy the songs without  understanding the lyrics!

This wasn’t the first time I saw them.  That was a fest while my husband and I were still dating.  The opening band was some funky cover band that played disco.  Everyone in my husband’s group of friends was on a disco kick, although it had been dead for over 15 years.  The band wore crazy large wigs and we danced so much my legs ached for days.  It was kismet to discover that Cheap Trick was one of my husband’s favorite bands.

This wasn’t the best time I saw them.  That was at the Park West after  I had been married  for a few years.  My husband’s best friend came with and brought a girl that would later become his wife.  Dennis DeYoung opened and we laughed so hard because it was just Dennis and his Casio keyboard belting out tunes.  I called ahead to reserve a table, and we were close enough to the stage to see Bun E. Carlos enjoy his smokes and hope that one of us would catch one of Rick Nielson’s picks.  No such luck, but no matter. I did mention it was the best time I saw them, right?

This wasn’t the strangest time I saw them.  That was the time they opened for Smashing Pumpkins in a large outdoor venue.  They only played about 8 songs and the Billy Corgan and the band got on stage.  Have you ever seen the Pumpkins in concert?  Billy likes to change it up as much as possible and that night he decided they would perform every song at a different tempo.  They would be ¾ finished with each song before we knew what it was.

Last night was the closest I’ve ever driven to see them. Our small town has been putting on concerts for the last three summers.  This was the first year we’ve gone, in years past it’s been Peter Frampton and Gin Blossoms.  To say that last night was hot was an understatement.  I danced so much, and it was so humid, that when we left it looked like I had looked like I had showered with my clothes on.  It was the first time that I gave my husband candy during the concert because of the heat.

Thanks honey for taking me out and letting me dance, as you put it, like a 20 year-old!

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