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R.E.M. How do you spell that?

March 10, 2010

I saw REM at the UIC Pavillion back in the 80’s just when they were moving from college radio airplay to some more mainstream airplay.  This is before Michael Stipe started looking like a refuge.  It was the Document tour.  The One I Love was on the radio and It’s the End of the World as We Know it and I Feel Fine was gaining popularity.

I’d been to the Pavillion before.  My first concert was there.  Madonna’s Like a Virgin Tour.  The Beasty Boys were the opening act.  They were booed off the stage.

 Later, my graduation ceremony from college was there. 

It’s not one of my favorite places to see a concert.  The acoustics are not the best but I had to see R.E.M.

Once I knew they were coming to Chicago I called Ticketmaster to find out when the tickets would go on sale.  The person on the other end of the phone asked me R.E.M, how do you spell that?

Pardon Me?  R period, E period M period.


The night of the concert.  Angel and I, along with another friend stopped somewhere to eat something before we made it to the Pavillion.  After we got back in my car I discovered that my purse and jacket had been stolen.  Luckily my tickets were not in either place but I did lose a really cool leather box purse from Banana Republic that I miss to this day.  Along with the ticket stub to my first U2 concert at the University of Illinois.

We get to the concert and our tickets were on the main floor.  On folding chairs.  I broke mine while Michael Snipe sang I am Superman!

We got a flat tire on the way back from the concert, too. 

I did mention  that Angel and I were Thelma and Louise, right?  When we did something together, we went all out!

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