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June 22, 2010

We have a pug.  We’ve had him for three years.  We got him when he was a year old.  His name is Vader.  As in Darth Vader.  He sneezes a lot.  He breathes heavy.  He snores.  He jumps.   He eats the cat’s food.  He won’t go outside if it’s raining.  He follows me around everywhere I go.  Basically he is a pest.  He is the Dark Lord.

Meeshie loves him.  I mean LOVES him.  He is her favorite thing in the entire world.  The princess loved Anakin, right?  Vader, of course, doesn’t reciprocate unless she is eating.  Vader is her BFF when that girl eats because she drops so much food.

Meeshie talks about Vader constantly.  She looks for pugs where ever she goes.  She talks about Vader’s big ol eyes.  She talks about his curly tail. 

Meeshie says the word pug so much that we charge her a quarter every time she says it.  Making her part with her money once a week with the tally has really helped curb her obsession.  

Vader allowed this picture because he is sitting next to me.  Look at him, he’s ready to bolt.  He did jump down and then got right back up next to me once Meeshie moved.  The Dark Lord doesn’t like it when you bother his private time. 

You can’t tell, but the first picture in the post took about an hour to get.  Every time I would move to take the picture, Vader would sit next to me.  Meeshie would slide next to him and then we would start the process over again.  We needed to take a picture of the two of them for a class project.

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