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Cabaret Metro

April 7, 2010

If you’ve passed Nuts on Clark, you’ve gone too far

That’s how someone told me how to get to the Cabaret Metro for the first time.  I’ve never forgot that advise.  I’ve even said it to others who have asked me where it is.  Not it’s down the street from Wrigley, just if you’ve passed Nuts on Clark you’ve gone too far.  I’m not even sure if there is a Nuts on Clark any more.  Back in the day you had to ask someone you knew directions to places.  Crazy, huh?

Have you ever seen the movie Blink with Madeline Stowe?  She performs at the Metro in that funky Irish band she is in.   It’s dark and sticky.  It always seem humid inside no matter what the weather.

I saw Sinead O’Connor at the Metro before she hit it big and upset millions by tearing up a picture of John Paul II on national television.  Her appalling behavior aside-she was awesome.  Sinead has the most wonderful voice with a range that cannot be believed.  She was touring to promote the Lion and the Cobra and was in the process of making I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got.  Nothing Compares 2 U, the little ditty by Prince was not out yet. 

This is where I saw Michelle Shocked for the first time and almost fainted.  The Metro is not that large of a venue and SRO.  The place was so packed you could not clap between songs.  Suddenly I could not breathe.  The place was too hot. I needed to sit down for a bit to get my bearings.  Love that song Anchorage. The next time I saw Ms. Shocked was at the Chicago Symphony Hall.  What a drastic difference. 

I saw the Pixies there when I worked at the radio station.  That is a fun band that knows how to entertain a crowd.  They were part of another group tour but I can’t for the life of me remember who it was.  It was the one and only time I was at the Metro and went to the balcony.  I never even knew there was one there.  What a view!

It’s the first place I saw the Violent Femmes.  The Femmes are awesome in concert.  I’ve seen them more than once and  they have never disappointed.  That trio can rock with their crazy lyrics and those goofy Horns of Dilemma.

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