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Birds of Memphis

July 26, 2010

While we were in Memphis, we stayed across the street from two different birds of Memphis.

The Peabody ducks.

The Memphis Redbirds.

The duck master parades the ducks into the lobby of the Peabody Hotel every day at 11 where they stay in the fountain all day until 5.

They then get back on the elevator to their penthouse. 


They are trained to march through the lobby, stay in the fountain all day and then march back through the lobby to their room.   The ducks draw quite a crowd.  There was group of people next to us that was from Germany.

The Redbirds are the St. Louis Cardinals Triple A team. 

 The park is beautiful, clean and the seats are close to the field.  You really need to keep alert or you’ll get hit by a foul ball. 

It was a great time, even if it was the dreaded Cardinals.  That night they played the Kansas City Royals Triple A team.  It would have been really cool to see the Cubs, but it was a great night all the same. 

 It was especially great because the young lady I bought a beer from carded me.  I haven’t been carded in over a year and I really miss it.  I’m still mad that they’ve finally started to offer me samples of liquor at the grocery store.  I know a woman my age shouldn’t be mad about it, but I am.  When you’ve been carded for as long as I have, you really miss it when it’s gone.

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