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My Flea Market Find

June 21, 2011

We went to the flea market Saturday.  It’s an annual flea market that benefits a local church.  Every year we go and stroll the fields and I come home empty-handed.  I usually have mud up to my knees, and in my shoes, and covering my socks, but I don’t buy anything.

This year, though, was unusually dry the few days before and I found this basket.  I actually found two baskets, but the price wasn’t right.  So, I picked the one that I felt would be the easiest to clean, strip and repaint.  Now I need to decide what color to repaint it.

Do I stick with white?  How about red?  What shade of red?  Should it be bright red?  Cranberry red?  How about black?  Once I’ve decided on a color, then I’ll start.

Not bad for five bucks!

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