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And How Was Your Saturday?

April 19, 2011

Saturday, my mom took Meeshie and me to see a children’s play in Oak Brook.   My mom has taken Meeshie to see some plays in the past, but they’ve been at the Beverly Arts Center and lately Meeshie’s been feeling that those have been too babyish for her. She was excited because it was Charlotte’s Web, which we’ve read before and she reread prior to the performance.

I was excited to go for a few reasons. First, it was nice opportunity for girl time. My mom and Meeshie really enjoy each other’s company. So much so that I sometimes feel like I’m intruding. Second, I mentioned it was in Oak Brook, right? I thought that after the play I could maybe get a little shopping in before lunch.

So that morning I ran around and did my normal errands. Then I got Meeshie in the car and drove to my mom’s, where we then drove to the play. Once, we got to the play, I turned off my cell.

Now, while I was doing my errands and getting to the play, my husband was doing some errands as well. One of those errands involved picking up a roast for Easter brunch. Once the performance was done, and we got ready to do some shopping, I turned my phone back on.

I had a voice mail from my husband. I tried his cell and the house. No luck. I kept trying and still no answer. By this time we are heading over to get something to eat and I was debating on whether I should just go home. What if something happened to him? What if he’s experienced low blood sugar and was in an accident. What if he’s at home, on the floor, convulsing?  For those of you that are wondering why I was freaking out, see this post.

Now, my mind is racing. I called the neighbor and ask them to go over to the house and check to see if his car is there.  After what seemed like forever, my phone rings.  It’s my husband demanding to know why I gave the neighbor permission to come into our house.  My relief soon turned to anger.  Why didn’t he answer the phone?  I thought that his blood sugar was low and he was disoriented.  It turns out he was just wrapped up in something at home and wasn’t answering either phone.


Emergency Revisited

April 30, 2010

It happened again last night. We had another hypoglycemic incident. Except this time I had to call 9-1-1. 

Last night was Meeshie’s school play and my husband had a doctor’s appointment so he met us there. When he got to school, I asked him if he had a chance to get anything to eat. 

Yep, two hot dogs.



Now I know that sounds like a decent quick meal, but he literally meant two hot dogs. On a plate, popped in the microwave, no bun. Nothing. 

When we got home we started our routine of winding down and getting ready for bed. Meeshie goes to bed at 8 p.m. not matter the season. I knew something was off though because it was my husband’s turn to sit with her at bed time with a book and he didn’t mention it. We used to read to her, but now she reads to us for a little while before bed. I got her settled in, we read and she went to bed. 

I found my husband just sitting downstairs in his chair. 

Did you want something to eat?



No response. 

Why don’t you check your blood?



No response. 

He eventually went upstairs and I thought he was checking his blood. He went to lay down. 

This never happened to me before. I suggest and he complies, sometimes I have to convince him but it doesn’t take long. 

I spent 45 minutes trying to get him to eat something, check his blood and/or drink a coke. Let me tell you I was by no means calm about it either. Nothing I tried to convince him to do as I asked was working. 

It got to the point that it woke up Meeshie and she became upset. By this time I had given up and called 9-1-1. 

What was the matter? Why wouldn’t he listen to me? 

I think this is the reason that we can’t have any more babies. Oh don’t get me wrong I would love to have another baby. Sometimes I dream about it. But this is reality and the reality is my husband’s health is not a stable as either one of us thinks. 

As I waited patiently for the paramedics to arrive, I knew that without a doubt God wants me to concentrate on helping my husband improve his health.

By the time the paramedics got to our house and they tested his sugar it was 31.



April 10, 2010

Last night was the worst kind of emergency in my house.

My hubby had a low blood sugar incident.  We haven’t had one like that in a while and it scared me more than it ever has. 

My hubby is a Type 1 diabetic.  It usually isn’t that big of a deal.  It prevents me from baking as much as I like but generally that is about it.  He’s been diabetic since he was 10.  He generally keeps his sugar level at a pretty even keel.  He takes insulin shots 3 times a day and checks his blood sugar levels regularly.  He leads a pretty normal life.

Occasionally his blood sugar will dip and I’ll tell him to check his blood.  I know that the blood sugar is dropping because he can’t concentrate while he’s talking or he’ll repeat himself or he’ll slur his words.  If you didn’t know it you would think he was drunk.  He can sometimes be argumentative too.

That did not happen last night.  It was much worse.

It’s worse because he is sleeping and I can’t tell that his sugar is dropping.

The first time this happened where his sugar dropped so dangerously was after we were married for a few years.  We had just moved into the house we now are in and it was Thanksgiving.  We literally had moved in on  a Saturday and Thursday we had a house full of our family.  We had spent the week unpacking, cleaning and preparing a feast.  By the time our families started to arrive, his sugar was dropping.  Once it gets to a certain point it drops fast.  To point of a seizure.  He can’t control his arms, his legs, he can’t talk, he can’t blink.  If you’ve seen Steel Magnolias it isn’t even close.

Like I said I didn’t know what to do.  I panicked.  I tried to give him some orange juice, but he couldn’t drink.  I thought his dad would be able to tell me what to do but he didn’t.  I had to call 9-1-1.  The wait for the paramedics was the longest of my life.  They came and gave him a shot.  We hurriedly had a subdued dinner. 

Since then his sugar has dropped a few times.  Always at night.  Usually while he is sleeping. 

Yesterday he had a busy day.  He cut the grass, after which he generally has a can of Coke.  He worked in the garage.  He worked in the laundry room prepping it for today so that we can paint it.  Busy day, but not so busy that I would worry.

I woke up at 1 a.m. to him jerking his arm.  I knew we were in trouble.  Even though it’s been a few years since this has happened, my mind just takes over and knows what to do. 

Are you low?

I think so.

I ran down stairs to get two cans of Coke and some jelly beans.  By the time I came back up stairs, and let me tell you when I say I was gone for less than a minute, he had already started convulsing.

Some how though he is always able to chew during these seizures.  I’m not saying that what I do is right or wrong, I’m just saying this is what I do.  I usually give him fruit snacks two at a time until the seizure stops.  He chews them.  I don’t know how, he just does.  I didn’t have fruit snacks.  I haven’t had fruit snacks in a long time.  Meeshie has kinda grown out of them.  I had jelly beans.  I gave him those.  A few at a time until he would be able to drink a Coke.  During the episode, time kinda slows down for me. 

As I gave him the jelly beans I started to notice that he couldn’t swallow them.  What was I supposed to do now?  I had to stick my fingers in his mouth and remove the beans.  I started to panic.  My mind started to race.  What do I have in the house that he could swallow?  The only thing that came to mind was marshmallows but they seemed worse than the jelly beans.

Can you swallow?

Can you swallow?

I can see him trying to talk to me.  His eyes wide. 

I ran down stairs again to grab the marshmallows.  I was thinking of ways to get them small enough that they may just dissolve in his mouth.  When I got back up to our room he was trying to sit up.  The sugar from the beans must have gotten into his system enough to help him drink that Coke.  He drank both Cokes and a little while later fell back asleep.  In the morning he felt like he was run over by a truck.

I on the other hand couldn’t fall back asleep.  Maybe it was the trauma.  Probably.  I just thank God for helping me through last night.

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