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Happy New Year!

January 11, 2012

It’s not to late to say Happy New Year, is it?  This month, New Year’s Day actually, commemorates my second year of blogging.  This post is actually my 275th.  I can’t believe it.  It really doesn’t seem like two years since I started sharing my thoughts and recipes with all of you.

To celebrate my second anniversary, I’m sharing my top five most viewed posts.  Funny thing is that these posts were most viewed last year, but were all written in 2010.  Makes me wonder what things will be looked at in 2012.

At the top of the list is one of my favorite coffee cakes.  It’s a blueberry raspberry coffee cake, but don’t be fooled.  I’ve made it with blackberries, too.  This cake is moist and so easy to make.

Next, is oreo cupcakes with oreo frosting.  These are so moist and yummy.  I’ve actually made cake pops with some leftover cupcakes and frosting.  These have been my go to cupcake for Meeshie’s birthday for the last two years.

How about a great yellow cake recipe?  Everyone should have one.  This is absolutely the best yellow cake recipe I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot of yellow cake.

Speaking of cake pops, my reindeer ones were a big hit last year.  I’m not sure why.  I’ve shared quite a few cake pops and I’m not sure why this one has risen to the top…

Last, is a cake from my husband’s childhood, bobovka.  It’s a moist cake made with yeast and poppy seed filling.   This is a great cake warm and equally great the next day.

Happy blogging and thanks for sharing your comments and encouragement!


The Sweet Table

May 18, 2010

Now that I can finally sit back and think about the communion party I want to talk about the sweet table.

I decided that since I was going to use a caterer for the party I wasn’t going to bother with too many appetizers and instead concentrate on a sweet table. Besides the invitations stated that luncheon would be served at 2:30 p.m. and I figured that if you didn’t go to the church you would show up in time for the luncheon. Plus I love a sweet table.

I of course had a cake and then I had various goodies.

Cake pops

Limoncino cookies. These were so fantastic. It was a light lemon cookie with a glaze made with lemoncello. I was fortunate enough to have gotten some homemade lemoncello. Homemade from Italy. I’m waiting to get the recipe and can’t wait to make it myself. But that’s another post.

Shortbread cookies


Kolaczky. I made these that morning. You have to have kolaczky when they are fresh. I think there is some kind of rule somewhere about that. I made 8 dozen of these puppies. I had less than a dozen left once all the smoke cleared. And I wasn’t able to make any raspberry ones because they didn’t have that flavor at the store. I made cherry ones instead. They went. They were good. But I prefer the raspberry.


It was heavenly.  I love a good sweet table with wonderful bakery, especially cookies.  I’ll be posting soon about the crescent recipe!  But I may post about some scones a good friend suggested I make first.


How’s your Keaster this fine Easter?

April 3, 2010

I’ve been working petty hard the last few days getting ready for Easter.  I’m having brunch.  I love brunch it has everything good about lunch and breakfast. 






Cake pops.

Lamb cake.

Look at these!


 Meeshie decorated these.

Look at her go!


Oh and these.  She did a good job.  I used the empires recipe.  I just used the frosting left over from the lamb cake.

I even made these.  I saw this post and it reminded me of the raisin bread my mom used to make at Easter when I was a girl.  I made them on Good Friday and forgot that I had given up bread for lent.  I’m dreaming about these puppies and can’t wait until Sunday.

I’m making a few more things like kugala and something called Indian Bread pudding.  I’ll be posting about those later.  I need to get back to coloring eggs, cleaning, and ham.

I’m making a spiral ham that I cook in vodka that has pineapple fermenting in it.  I started the process back in October.  Just take some pineapple rings and put them in a jar (I actually have well glasses that come with lids that are perfect for many things, this being one of them) and fill the jar with vodka.  I use just canned pineapple rings that are drained.  Stick it in the back of the fridge and forget about it.  Then when you make your ham, put the pineapple on the ham and pour the vodka on top.  No need to make a glaze.  Cook the ham according to the directions and enjoy.  The alcohol will cook off and all you have is this yummy tasting ham. No glaze is needed. 

Happy Easter!


Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!

March 18, 2010

I made these cake pops to celebrate the 98th birthday of girl scouts.

The girls in Meeshie’s troup really enjoyed them.

I even brought some to work.

I’m working on making some for Easter.  I’m leaning toward Easter eggs.

I’ll keep you posted.


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