Happy Easter

April 7, 2012

For the first time ever, I had trouble with my lamb cake mold.  I actually made the cake twice yesterday.  I had planned to give one away for after mass today and one for us tomorrow.  After the first try, the cake was raw in the middle.  I have issues with my oven in the kitchen.  I spent a pretty penny for that oven and it runs cold.  Usually I’m on top of it, but yesterday I was involved with too many things.  After the second attempt, the cake would not come out of the pan.  That’s never happened before.

So, this is what I did instead. I cut up the parts of the pound cake I could and made mini lambs.  I frosted them, made the head with Milano cookies and added marshmallows.  The mini lambs are so cute, but I’m still going to use the lamb mold next year.  It’s something that my mother used when I was a girl, and when I moved into my current home, she passed it on to me.  Meeshie loves helping me decorate the lamb (she puts jelly beans all over the body), along with making the coconut grass.

You can tell that the dark cookie head was done first, the eyes are crazy because of their size.  The light cookie head has jelly beans cut in half for the eyes.  Each lamb has cocoa puffs for ears and a tail.

Happy Easter!



  1. I’m impressed with your save! It looks like this was the intended project all along. They turned out really cute.

    • Nicole-
      Thanks! It wasn’t. Sometimes I impress myself!

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