Meeshie’s Birthday

July 24, 2011

Yesterday was Meeshie’s Birthday.

This year Meeshie wanted beach themed party, but since it was too close to the Hawaiian theme two years ago, I decided to do something radical.  Radical for me, at least, because we had a “no theme” theme.  I love to plan a party.  It’s what I do.  It’s what I’m good at.  We’ve had a Hawaiian theme which included Hawaiian postcard invites and a volcano cake.  We’ve had a karaoke birthday which included a concert ticket invite and piano cake.  We’ve had a princess theme which included princess flip-flops.  So this year it was pizza, some snacks and a beach cupcake.

The cupcakes can be whatever you like.  I’ll share a recipe later this week, but for now just enjoy this kitschy little thing.  The surf boards are fruit striped gum, the beach ball is a gum ball, and the sand is graham cracker crumbs.  I actually carved out the center of the cupcake and put some of the frosting inside, as well as put a small amount of frosting on the cupcake so that the gel and graham crackers would stick.

My little girl is now 9.  She’s worried about starting a new school this year.  She’s worried about having friends.  She’s worried about 4th grade.  I wish she was more worried about mastering how to ride a bike, or keeping her room clean.

I’ve heard my mom refer to Meeshie as my miracle baby.  Unless you think that struggling to have a baby is a miracle, than she is.  I don’t.  While we struggled for years to have a baby, I discovered that we weren’t alone.  Not by a long shot.  There are tons of people who struggle everyday to have children and some are never as fortunate as we are.  We struggled for three years to get pregnant and then on the day that we moved into our new home, we found out that we were finally going to get our wish.   And when we struggled for another three years after she was born to add to our family, we finally decided that we would just be happy with our one and only.  I have friends that are blessed with a child with special needs.  I have friends that were fortunate enough to enjoy their baby for almost a year before God called her home.  Those are miracle babies.


  1. I’m of the mind that all babies are miracles, but there are definitely some that make you realize just how special they are. Happy birthday to Meeshie! Hope it was all wonderful. I love the fun cupcakes you made.

  2. Wow, those cupcakes are adorable! My boys would think they were pretty cool too (especially the fruit stripe gum surfboard). Happy birthday to your precious Meeshie! I hope she enjoyed her birthday celebration. And, how cool of you to go with no theme. There are not too many brave mamas out there who would just focus on planning a fun party without a specific theme (plus all the matching decorations).

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