Goodness, It’s Watermelon Time!

June 26, 2011

We had big plans on Saturday.  My husband and I decided that we would spend the day in Michigan.  When he was a boy, his family had a cottage in Michigan and we were going to visit the area of his childhood.  Really, we wanted to go to a particular place in Michigan for the day, enjoy a wonderful lunch and come home.  Meeshie was really excited.  Her geography lesson for this week has been Michigan, and as she looked at the map she penciled in the apple house and restaurant.

Generally I don’t tell her too far in advance any plans we make because plans change and I hate to disappoint her.  This was one of those times I wished that I had stuck with that plan.  We found out on Friday that the apple house and restaurant had closed.  I’m not sure how long it’s been closed, but one of my husband’s co-workers told him he saw a for sale sign out front when he was in the area a few weeks ago.

So we went to the show and saw Super 8.  We also planed to pitch the tent in the back yard, but the rain threatened.  We promised Meeshie we would work the tent in sometime next weekend.

As a consolation to Meeshie’s weekend let down I made a wonderful watermelon treat.  Who doesn’t like iced watermelon?  This recipe is so simple and can easily be adapted for an adult version with alcohol.  This is a refreshing treat that Meeshie has requested for her birthday celebration next month.

I loved the hint of mint.  This is a perfect dish to serve instead of ice cream.  The weather here has been all over the board.  Really hot one day, rainy and cold the next.  It seems like we are heading it to some warmer weather for the next few days.  Perfect for this iced dish!

Watermelon Granita

  • 6 C Watermelon
  • 1/2 C Sugar
  • 1 C Water
  • 2 Limes
  • 2 T Mint Leaves, chopped
  • 1 C Vodka or Rum (optional)

In a saucepan, combine the water and sugar.  Heat until the sugar has completely dissolved.  Remove from heat and cool completely.

While the simple syrup is cooling, blend the watermelon in a blender until smooth.

In a large bowl, combine the watermelon, simply syrup, lime juice, and alcohol (if using) until combined.  Pour the mixture into a shallow baking dish for 2 hours.  Remove from the freezer, and use a fork to scrape the mixture to form ice chunks.  Add the chopped mint and return to the freezer for another 1-2 hours.  If you leave it in the freezer overnight, allow it to sit out for a few minutes before you scrape it up and serve.

Here’s the original.

One comment

  1. Ooooh…that sounds wonderful with mint in it! I wish I had put some in mine, but I’ll definitely do it next time. Sounds great with rum or vodka in it too! 🙂

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