And How Was Your Saturday?

April 19, 2011

Saturday, my mom took Meeshie and me to see a children’s play in Oak Brook.   My mom has taken Meeshie to see some plays in the past, but they’ve been at the Beverly Arts Center and lately Meeshie’s been feeling that those have been too babyish for her. She was excited because it was Charlotte’s Web, which we’ve read before and she reread prior to the performance.

I was excited to go for a few reasons. First, it was nice opportunity for girl time. My mom and Meeshie really enjoy each other’s company. So much so that I sometimes feel like I’m intruding. Second, I mentioned it was in Oak Brook, right? I thought that after the play I could maybe get a little shopping in before lunch.

So that morning I ran around and did my normal errands. Then I got Meeshie in the car and drove to my mom’s, where we then drove to the play. Once, we got to the play, I turned off my cell.

Now, while I was doing my errands and getting to the play, my husband was doing some errands as well. One of those errands involved picking up a roast for Easter brunch. Once the performance was done, and we got ready to do some shopping, I turned my phone back on.

I had a voice mail from my husband. I tried his cell and the house. No luck. I kept trying and still no answer. By this time we are heading over to get something to eat and I was debating on whether I should just go home. What if something happened to him? What if he’s experienced low blood sugar and was in an accident. What if he’s at home, on the floor, convulsing?  For those of you that are wondering why I was freaking out, see this post.

Now, my mind is racing. I called the neighbor and ask them to go over to the house and check to see if his car is there.  After what seemed like forever, my phone rings.  It’s my husband demanding to know why I gave the neighbor permission to come into our house.  My relief soon turned to anger.  Why didn’t he answer the phone?  I thought that his blood sugar was low and he was disoriented.  It turns out he was just wrapped up in something at home and wasn’t answering either phone.

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