So Much To Do

November 28, 2010

We set up our Christmas decorations yesterday.

The one thing I miss this year is the tree.  We always go and get it the day after Thanksgiving.  Not this year.  This year for Meeshie’s birthday she got a kitten.  Buzia.

Buzia gets into a lot of trouble.  As a result, we decided to hold off on a real tree this year.  I didn’t want to come home from work and discover my tree on its side, water everywhere and broken ornaments all around.  I have a beautiful star for the top of the tree that was my dad’s when he was a boy.  I don’t know what I would do if Buzia broke it.  When I was a girl, we always trimmed the tree on my dad’s birthday which is a week before Christmas.  When my dad passed away, my mom gave me the star.

Today I’m spending the whole day in the kitchen getting my Christmas cookies started.  I normally don’t start this early but I’m going to Wisconsin on Saturday.  My friend Angel moved and I’m going to visit.  I’m really excited.  I haven’t seen her since March. 

I’m hoping to get it all done, along with visiting Santa, finishing Christmas shopping, wrapping and visiting with friends.

I’ll be sharing the cookie list later.  I’m having issues with linking things to my posts.

Here’s hoping everyone’s holiday season is saner than mine.

Thanks for stopping by! I love hearing feedback!

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