September 7, 2010

I learned several years ago not to argue with a strong-willed child.

Especially a child as strong-willed as me.

About somethings that is.

This is what Meeshie wore to school one day last week.

No need to adjust your screen.  That’s a purple hat, red Christmas dress, white puffy vest and she even has blue shoes on.  She’s like a walking rainbow.  She even has a necklace on.  Very hip.

She is always calling herself a fashionista.

She loves to tell me that I don’t know fashion.

She really thinks this outfit rocks. 

As long as she’s under the dress code, I don’t stress out over it.

It becomes a big argument and I just don’t have time for that in the morning.

I do have a job to get to after all.

She’s worn this dress to mass.  In October.  We go to the first mass on Sunday and the smiles this dress brings to so many people makes me happy.


  1. She doesn’t look any different than most of the girls I see at my school each day. So long as she’s within the school code and repectful….Go Meeshie!

    • Kathy-
      Thanks, your comment makes feel a little better!


  2. You are more tolerant than I am! I remember fighting with Ryan one summer morning when he wanted to wear snow boots with his shorts! He is still fighting me to this day!

    • Marie-
      You know I’m not really more tolerant. I just try to pick my battles and as long as she’s within the dress code I try to go with the flow. Emphasis on try!

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