Community Night

August 21, 2010

Meeshie preformed during the local high school’s community night last night. 

The high school introduced all the school sports clubs along with the band.

There was a pom pom dance clinic. 

At the end of the clinic they girls performed on the football field before a scrimmage game.

She could not have been  more excited.  And the girls on the squad could not have been sweeter.

We’ll be signing her up for the clinic again next year and she is seriously thinking about joining the pom squad when she gets to high school.

I do need to point out that as an only, she has much more ambition and fearlessness that I ever did at her age.  She wanted to do the clinic and I signed her up.  No big deal, except none of her friends were doing it. 

She’s like that.  She has no problem just jumping into something that she wants to do without any worry about what others will think. 

I love that about her.


One comment

  1. Beautiful! What a great quality to have! Both of my girls are that way too. I, on the other hand was not like that. Be a leader Meeshie and others will follow!

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