Are You Ready?

August 12, 2010

Meeshie starts school in less than a week and a half and I haven’t bought a single school supply.

Don’t misunderstand, I’ve checked the sale papers. I’ve browsed the aisles at the Target in town. But I still haven’t bought anything.

I have drawer in one of my closets filled with school supplies. For the last two years I’ve over purchased.  Mainly because when they go on sale you can really get a bargain. But also because half way through the school year I need to replenish 3/4 of her supplies.  She tends to chew on pencils.  And erasers.

I went through it yesterday to determine what needs to be purchased. I’ve narrowed it down to a blue pen and sheets of construction paper. I think they start cursive writing this year so maybe that’s why the need the pen.  The construction paper is so that Meeshie can make her own sketch book for art class. Why that is, I’m not sure. The one she has I bought when she started 1st grade (of course I bought 2!) and it still has room in it for this year. (They have art twice a week every other week throughout the school year.)

I also need to mention that when I buy school supplies I mean just that. I don’t buy paper towels, or paper plates or sandwich bags. I don’t feel those are actual school supplies.

I will, however, supply paper towels (or sandwich bags or paper plates) if the teacher specifically sends a note home. Last year a note went home in late March asking for paper towels. The year before that there was no note.

I’m not saying that those items aren’t used in the class room. I’m just saying that in my opinion they aren’t school supplies. I’ve had Meeshie’s teachers tell me that they don’t have room for those “supplies” in the classroom. I’m not encouraging anyone to not purchase those items if they do, I’m just stating why I don’t.

 As a side note: our school fees are the highest in the area: $300 per child for grade school.  I’m not using that as justification.  Or maybe I am.  I’m not sure. Or maybe I’m just bitter.



  1. $300.00!!!! That is a lot of money. And what if you have more then one child? Where does the tax money go!
    I’m glad my daughter is 29, I don’t think I could afford a child anymore!

    • Where do my tax dollars go! That’s an awesome question. Especially when you consider that half of my property taxes go to the K-8 school district! My property taxes are by no means small either.

  2. I’m at $300 for my freshman, $220 for my junior and $120 for my 7th grader. That includes all their activity fees (which vary depending on who’s doing what) and yearbooks ($55 for the high school ones). Don’t feel bad Karen…I haven’t purchased any supplies yet either.

    • Are the fees higher for your freshman because there are more activities? My fees don’t include the yearbook (and yes they have yearbooks for the little ones!) or any extras.

  3. While I have put together a spreadsheet for the two younger boys’ supplies, I have yet to actually buy anything. As for the high schooler, they get their supply list on the first day of schoool then I guess the parent’s need to do a mad dash to buy them by the second day of school? I am at $593 for fees for the three boys so far with no extras! Yikes!

    • I have to say that irrates me to no end with my high schoolers! I’m fairly certain that each teacher knows from year to year what they want these students to have, and it’s pretty basic! Why can’t they just tell the parents so we can purchase these supplies during the summer sales rather than do the mad dash?

    • Cathy-
      Of course you put togehter a spreadsheet! I sometimes wonder how we can be such good friends when we are so similar. I’d do that too if I had more than one!

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