Walking in Memphis

July 25, 2010

While we were in Memphis we visited the zoo.

Did you know they pandas at their zoo?  They’re on loan from China until 2013.  The day we visited it was 95 degrees and the pandas were trying to keep cool by sleeping.

Meeshie loved the pandas.  So did I. 

They have komodo dragons at the zoo.  We had seen one a few years ago when the Shedd Aquarium had one on loan from somewhere.  There are three at the zoo and each one is kept in its own enclosure.

I also liked the otters. 

The zoo has a new exhibit called Teton Trek.  It has timber wolves.


And bear.

That’s the bridge you walk across to view the bear, timber wolf and elk.

There’s a fountain at the Teton’s that simulates Old Faithful at Yellowstone.  They encourage people to run through it to cool off.  We did.

When you first enter the zoo, there is small version of the Nile for wading.  We saw a lot of children in swimsuits and some were doing more than wading.  I did mention it was 95, right?  With the humidity it felt like 115.  Almost all the exhibits had a building with the ac cranked.  Plus, we are early morning people and got to the zoo when it opened and left in time for lunch.

I stopped a policeman and he recommended this place for lunch.

It was awesome.  They had their own wood smoker that was about half the size of the restaurant.

We also went to Graceland, but just the gift shops.  I had stopped there before while I was in college on the way back from New Orleans.  My husband and I went back and forth about touring the house but in the end decided against it.  It is pretty pricey and Meeshie knows who Elvis is, but we figured the tour would not hold that much appeal.  The people watching on the other hand are worth the price they charge to park.

I’m not sure why people have written on the wall, but it is a site to see.

We had lunch that day at a triple D suggestion.  Uncle Lou’s.  They had some of the best fried chicken I’ve ever had.  Their honey biscuit melted in your mouth.  The place was really busy and there wasn’t anywhere to sit.  The staff was so helpful and found us a place to eat without making us feel rushed to hand over the table.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing! I didn’t realize the zoo had Pandas. We saw them in San Diego.

  2. I have to see these pandas!!! We went to San Diego in February, so I could go to the zoo and see my beloved Panda’s. They had babies in San Diego…..so cute!! I have loved Panda’s since I was a little girl too. I wrote a paper about them when I was in 5th grade. I still think about that research.

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