Memphis in the Meantime

July 24, 2010

We left for Memphis on Tuesday at 4 am.  This was not the trip we had planned last summer, but we went with it and had fun. 
Last summer we had planned to go back to Disney because we figured that if Meeshie worked hard at school we would give her a reward.  Then my hours were cut and I had to pay extra for insurance and the nest egg for vacation became the life line for bills.  While watching the Food Network, we decided to go on a trip based on places we’ve seen Guy Fieri visit on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  We narrowed it down to somewhere less than 10 hours away with awesome food.  Hello Memphis!

On the way down, we decided to stop at a place that Guy had been to in Springfield, Illinois.  Springfield is only a 3 hour ride, we’d be there by 7 and back on the road in no time.  It would probably only add about an hour to our trip.

It’s pretty nondescript, almost like a poll barn.  Very 50’s inside.  The breakfast was fine.  Not awesome, not bad, just fine.  Was it worth the stop?  Sure.  It’s not like we’re in Springfield a lot.  Although I do want to see the Abraham Lincoln Library, but we’ll have to do that some other time. 

Unfortunately the stop caused us to go off track and we ended up adding hours on to our drive.  We should have hit Memphis about noon, we got there just in time for check in at 3 p.m.    Luckily we were able drop off our stuff and head over to Beale for something to eat.

We found this place-The Pig on Beale.

Can you see the sign?  That’s what drew us in.  Memphis has an annual fest in May and they were crowned champion.  I mean Grand Champion.  Their pulled pork was divine.  So were the ribs and the sweet tea was heaven.  I love sweet tea.  My girlfriend Angel’s granny made some awesome sweet tea.  Everywhere we went in Memphis I drank it.  I think I gained 15 pounds from the sweet tea alone.  I need to find a recipe.  Now.

These are on the sidewalk up and down Beale.

This is Beale before the night sets in.

Don’t let the cars fool you.  They block traffic from coming down the two block stretch.

I think it’s for two reasons: it allows people to walk down the street with open alcohol and it prevents those same people from being hit by a car.

It was Tuesday when we got there and pretty quite.  Thursday at the same time was much crazier.


  1. I’m so glad you stopped there! I saw the show where they won. I’d love to stop there sometime. Looks and sounds like a great trip!

  2. Fun! We stopped in Springfield last summer on our way to St. Louis. We wanted to see Abe Lincoln’s first home. It was well worth the stop…I would highly recommend it.

  3. Ladies- thanks for the comments. We do want to go back to Springfield to see the Lincoln things, maybe we’ll go during the state fair next year. The trip was fun and the BBQ rocked!

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