The Party

July 18, 2010

Yesterday was Meeshie’s birthday party.  Oh to be 8 again!

Back in January she decided that she wanted a karaoke birthday party and a piano cake.  Last month she decided she want to have a make your own sandwich bar.  Sticking with the music theme, I made invites that looked like a concert ticket.  I even gave out those silly bandz in a rock band theme as the party favor.

Due to the humidity, and the 90 degrees heat, I had issues with the fondant for the cake.  It cracked and also started to sweat.  The filling was fine, though.  And the stars were fun to make.  Meeshie requested the they keep their tie-died look.  I bought markers to write on the stars and they were horrible!  I got as far as the 8 and Happy and then the marker ran out of ink!  The size of the pen was very deceptive.

For the make your own sandwich bar, I set out peanut butter, fluff, grape jellie, bologna and cheese.  The children loved making their own lunch. 

For the adults I had sub sandwiches, pasta salad, taco salad, and Calabrese salad.  There was also fruit salad, various dips-including a fruit salsa that my mother made with cinnamon chips.  It was very refreshing.

Then it was time for karaoke.  Almost everyone had a turn.  There was only a few girls that didn’t want to sing.  They had fun watching the festivities instead.

Our good friend’s daughter LOVED it.  She was having the time of her life with that microphone. 

She could have sang into that thing all day and night.

Watch out Miley Cyrus!

The girls loved the fact that there was two microphones.  Everyone loves a duet.


  1. Happy Birthday! How fun is that? Looks like everyone had a great time! Your menu sounds delish!

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