Do It Again

July 9, 2010

I have a magnolia bush in my front yard. Or is it a tree?  I call it a bush because of its size.  I love magnolias. Once the weather starts to break, they start to bloom.

Like robins, I associate them with spring.

When we moved into our house almost nine years ago, I knew that I wanted a magnolia bush in the yard. I would drive through town with my husband checking out people’s yards.

The magnolia bush that I have is a late bloomer. It has the most amazing pink/purple flowers. The fragrance is sweet, but not too sweet.

It also does this.

Every year around the end of June beginning of July, it blooms again. Not the whole bush. Not like it blooms in the spring. But for a few weeks in the summer I can enjoy the blooms of my magnolia bush again.

The type of  magnolia I have is a Ann Star Magnolia .  I love sitting on the front porch with my coffee in the morning enjoying the view.  Soon the blooms will fall and I’ll have to wait until spring again for this beautiful display.



  1. I just recently planted a Northern Magnolia as a memorial to my late grandma. She just loved when we would be driving in the car and she would see them in bloom!

    • I love that. I think that is so sweet. That is a wonderful way to remember your grandma. When I was pregnant with Meeshie, we planted a Japanese Maple first in the front yard (where the magnolia is now) and then we moved it to the back. It is right outside my kitchen window and has grown with her.

  2. Beautiful!

  3. I love that this blooms later. I will have to look for one. I love Magnolias.

  4. I have one of these….would like one for my Son. I live in Jackson, TN…..could u tell me where to find this…….Thank You!!

  5. Ernestine
    I would suggest you contact a local nursery and ask them if they have Ann Star Magnolia.

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