June 18, 2010

Last week I started making blueberry liquor.  Three weeks ago I started limoncello.   Neither one of those are near ready, so because it’s Friday.  because it’s Father’s Day weekend.  Because it’s the sun may finally come out this weekend, with a vengeance,  I thought I would share two great warm weather cocktails.

Fuzzy Sherbet

  • Andre peach flavored sparkling wine
  • Dean’s Lemonberry Sherbet

I made this for the communion party.  I take about half of the sherbet, softened and place in a pitcher.  Then I add a bottle of the sparkling wine.  I’ve garnished it with a cherry, or oranges but you don’t have to.  This is so light and refreshing.  A really great summer time drink.

Here’s the sparkling wine.  It’s usually sold for about $5 a bottle.

Here’s the sherbet.

Captain’s Punch

  • Dole pineapple orange banana juice
  • Captain Morgan’s Parrot Bay Waive Runner

I started putting these two together because the Captain Morgan’s is too much alone so I cut the flavor with the Dole and I love the flavor.  I use half of the juice in proportion to the Captain. 

Here’s the Dole juice.

Here’s the Captain Morgan’s  I think they come in a 6 pack and are sold by the wine coolers.

Cheers!  Here’s to a nice relaxing Father’s Day weekend.  Hopefully the sun will come out for longer than an hour.  I’m beginning to think that I live in Seattle with all this rain.

One comment

  1. great idea Karen! I’m going to look for these and try them.

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