The Ceremony

May 13, 2010

The communion ceremony was beautiful.  Each child was more gorgeous than the next.  During the procession into the church, each child’s name was announced.

Although there were 60 children that morning for the ceremony, the mass wasn’t too long.  Each family went up to the altar with the communicant and took communion with them.  At first I wasn’t keen on that.  As a child we knelt before the altar with all the other children and I wanted to have Meeshie experience that.  But I did like the way the mass went with us there with her.  As it was explained, we go to church as a family and stand in line for communion as one, so it only makes sense that we would share in her first communion as a family.  We sat together in the pew and once the mass began, no pictures were taken.

Here is Meeshie with her godmother.

Meeshie and grandma.

Meeshie with grandpa.

Meeshie with her uncle, aunt and cousins.

Meeshie on her wedding day.  Actually her she is with one of her good friends.  I love this boy and his sister.  They always make me smile.


  1. What a sweet thing to say, Karen! We love you all, too!

  2. Thanks for posting some of the pictures from the Church. As you know I was at work and not able to attend. By the time I got to your house Claudia had been playing so I didn’t see her completely dressed. She looks beautiful.

    • Thanks and I’m so glad that you were able to come!

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