Home stretch

May 6, 2010

There is a month left of school.

What a difference a year makes!

At this time last year, we were meeting with Meeshie’s teacher, principal, vice principal, social worker and psychologist. It left with me enough anxiety that I made an appointment and we saw the neuropsychologist. More on that here.

Now I’d like to say that we met with the doctor and she told us it was Meeshie’s working memory and that was that. But of course that is not the case. Meeshie still does her computer work, but that is winding down. Right around the time that she will be done with school, she’ll be done with that as well.

We do this and will continue through the summer.

And this.

These are an addition to her regular homework given to her by her teacher.

Regarding spelling, her school does something that I love. They send home a list of words at the beginning of the year. Each Friday she has a spelling test on about 10-20 words from that list. The list has around 150 words on it. Every other day we go through 20-30 of those words. Since she never knows what the spelling words are going to be, this helps her be an everyday speller as opposed to a Friday speller. I wish that was available to me when I was her age. Spell-check is my BFF.

I’ve already spoken to the principal about next year’s spelling words and I have just added them to the current list. I think we are up to about 300 now. I’ve also started something new with the spelling. I saw it on another site. It is a word jumble. Meeshie started doing them last week. I let her work on the 20 words for about 10 minutes before we call it quits. So far she hasn’t even gotten to 10 words but I know we’ll get there.

On the days we aren’t doing spelling, we work on math. I’m pushing the times trials not because I’m a fan of timing math, but because they started to do that in her class after Christmas break and it helps her stay focused. We do addition, subtraction and multiplication. These books are a great resource.

She is also reading this book.   She’s brought it to school.  She’s put on  a play about it.  She loves the donkey.

I’m excited to start some chapter books once school ends. I really think they emphasize the accelerated reader program too much at her school. They want each to child to read on AR book a week but I want her to read more chapter books and unfortunately it takes her longer than a week to read some chapter books. Sometimes she’ll bring home a book that is below her reading level so that she can the AR points. How is that helpful?

So on our summer reading list is:

Howliday Inn, Little House in the Big Woods, Because of Winn-Dixie, Trumpet of the Swan, any Judy Moody and anything else that catches our eye.

We are working like a dog, but it’s totally worth it!

Thanks for stopping by! I love hearing feedback!

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