Of Lice and (Wo)man

April 17, 2010

Meeshie on my hubby's lap before I discovered the lice.


A few years ago we went to Toronto for a Cubs game.   

Have you ever been to Toronto?  It is a great city right on the lake like Chicago.  There are great forts there, hockey and the best steak I have ever eaten in my life.    

While at the Cubs game, Meeshie and I were standing in line at the concession stand I noticed something in her hair.  That something was lice.  I was livid.  She and I left the game to walk back to the hotel.  First I went to a pharmacy to get something to get rid of the bugs.  Then I went to the lobby and demanded they change my room.  I was convinced she got the lice from the room.The next morning after her treatment.  I thought I had gotten them all.   

My hubby was not so sure.  That’s because a month before a letter was sent home from the day care notifying us that one of the children there had lice.  I was checking but I had never experienced lice before so I was looking for the wrong thing.  By the time I discovered the lice, they were pretty mature.    

We got home from our trip and I had a message from one of my friends from the day care letting me know that her child had lice.   

My husband was upset.  We thought the lice issue was done because we had not gotten any other notices.   

I spent 8 weeks picking through Meeshie’s hair like a monkey.  Every morning.  Every evening.  Stripping her bed, and ours.  Doing more laundry than I thought was possible.  We used a homemade remedy of mayonnaise in her hair at night for a week because you can only use the over the counter remedy every so many days.  It’s pretty toxic.    

I was freaking out because I was convinced I had the lice too.  I didn’t but the more I thought about the lice, the more my scalp would itch.  Plus Meeshie and I share a comb, elastic hair bands, and hugs.  Lots and lots of hugs.   

Oh and did I mention I’m kinda a neat freak?  Lice it turns out like clean hair.  The cleaner the better.  It was the longest summer of my life.    

I found this product on the internet that I spray on her hair every day.  I’m not sure how long I have to spray it on her head, maybe when she leaves for college?


  1. At the time this was just horrible. Hope we never experience it again. If we do, we’re experts now!

    • I know!! I want to know how we were so calm about it.

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