March 4, 2010


I saw these daffodils poking out of the soil underneath my apple tree.

Here’s another one.

YEAH!  Spring is on its way.  I’m so excited.  I’m on the look out for my tulips but they are hit our miss becuase of the rabbits around here.

This is blooming in my kitchen.


I started a new job this week.  I’m very excited about that too. 

The search was long and stressful.  Trying to work interviews around my current job was hard.  Here’s to starting this spring on a positive note.

Last thing, Meeshie could not be more excited about going back to daycare and seeing all of her friends.  While I was job searching and working we had to pull her out.  I took her to school, I picked her up. 

I asked her if she is going to miss that.

No mom I just hope that my friends at daycare still remember me and still want me as their friend.

You saw some of them over Christmas break and at church and birthday parties.

But not at daycare.  Do you think they still want to be my friend?

In the last few months, I wish that was the least of my problems.


  1. I’m sure her friends were so excited to see her and was glad to see her again.

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