March 1, 2010

I love these cookies. 

They are a cookie that everyone in my family looks forward to having at Christmas.  My brother thinks they taste like pop tarts.  I try to give my sister a few extra when I see her on Christmas Eve.  They are the only cut out cookie that I make.  Not because I don’t like to make cut out cookies, but because they are just be default the only ones I make.

I usually wait until the last possible moment to put the glaze on them because they get soggy.  I suppose that makes them taste better, but that can be a deterrent when you try to pick it up and it is crumbling in your hands.

I’ve made it as an ornanment too.  Here it is as a felt cookie. 

I think it’s my favorite felt cookie that I’ve made so far.  It makes a great ornament.

Here’s the recipe.

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