Imelda Marcos

January 25, 2010

Meeshie has dozens of shoes. She gets her love of shoes from me. I love shoes too, especially a strappy sandal. EBay is one of my favorite finds for shoes. Meeshie has more shoes than I do and most of them have been given to her from my generous friends.

That being said, my 7 year old does not know how to tie her shoes. Let me repeat my 2nd grader cannot tie her shoes.

Part of the problem is that she has so many shoes and only one pair has laces. How is that possible? When I was her age I had three pairs of shoes: gym shoes, school shoes and church shoes. I learned how to tie my shoes before I went to kindergarten.

I’ve been working with her for awhile, a long while. I’ve tried the one loop method and the two loop method. I bought Red Lace, Yellow Lace. I’ve had her use her own shoe. I’ve had her use one of my shoes because the laces are longer. I’ve had her point the shoe away from her. I’ve had her point the shoe toward her. I’ve sat facing her. I’ve sat with her on my lap. She gets about half way through and then she just falls apart.

I keep telling her that she isn’t going to get into college without knowing how to tie her shoes. She just giggles. Sometimes she thinks I’m the funniest mom in the world.

I’ll bet that Imelda Marcos doesn’t worry about tying any of those shoes that she owns either.



  1. most princess shoes are slip ons! Marie

  2. Especially now that she's dead! Imelda that is!

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