Cinnamon Rolls

January 9, 2010

I saw these on a website etsy(bakery sweets) and you can purchase the pattern to make the whole thing. That includes the baking sheet. How cool is that?

and these too. I love Bakerella it is a very cute site. She has tons of great ideas for baking. This picture was taken at some party that she went to for a friend.

I saw them and thought I can make something like that. After all I made my Christmas tree skirt. It took me 5 years but that’s okay. We didn’t have Meeshie yet. I had time on my hands. Actually my sister inspired me to make the skirt after she made me a Christmas stocking. She rocks with that stuff.

Okay so the skirt was a kit, but still. I made it. I decided to start with the cinnamon roll first because how hard could it be?

Doesn’t that look sad?

So sad that I didn’t even bother with the icing.

Well harder than I thought. I made it into an ornament because it isn’t that large and I am sharing because now that it is done I am using it as a tool of what I don’t want to do next time I make one. The hubby thinks it looks great but I think he just is trying to spare my feelings. He does that.

I have decided to make a cookie next to again gauge what I need to do in the future to make it better.

I love trial and error.

Any suggestions?

One comment

  1. A+ for effort, Karen. Practice makes perfect 🙂 I enjoy your blog 🙂 Marie aka Mom of the bad boys of Lockport 🙂

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